Support for “The Loved Ones”

Support for “The Loved Ones”

I have noticed that when a discussion page on social media included both the caregiver and loved ones, there is confusion on the perspectives in both questions and answers. It did not go unnoticed by the members of the nearly 2000 member Canadian Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group who actually included ‘the loved ones’ as well as caregivers.

I used this picture because it is their cover picture and then you could recognize it.

After recognizing the need for a place where loved ones could express their thoughts, because, after all, they are the ones with the diagnosis, a new (a private group that you join) Facebook page (I call it a spin off) was created for loved ones specifically: THE LOVED ONES: A Place For People With Dementia & Alzheimer’s.

Their ‘About’ message:

“Welcome! This is a private group for people living with Dementia & Alzheimers. This is a safe space to speak freely about the challenges, successes and worries that you are facing and to share your experiences, good and bad, with others. This is your group. I will not comment or post but I may provide links to stuff once in a while and I will take care of all the stuff behind the scenes. If you have questions, please feel free to message me.” Once a member, then you can message their admin.

The feeling was that sometimes loves ones felt more comfortable discussing with those who they felt understood because of experiences, not observation. Point well taken. Loved ones are still members of the original Canadian Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group if they wish to be.

If a loved one would like a special page to talk with other loved ones, rather than be in a ‘caregiver exchange,’ this new page was started for THE LOVED ONES, a spinoff from the Canadian Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support page on FB, which is a FB page for both caregivers and loved ones with memory loss. Look at this new page

I did not have anything to do with this new page. I just felt the value was great enough to let people know it is there.

“The Loved Ones” Support (c) 2021 Judith Allen Shone

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