Mini Caregiver Tips Cards

Mini Caregiver Tips Cards

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving is not just a book series, and is not just the name of a blogsite. It is a process that we caregivers go through by the caring experiences we live, from the desperation, and sometimes even despondency, we feel until we reach awareness, insight and understanding and eventually acceptance. It is not an easy journey. My purpose in writing Accepting the Gift of Caregiving is to be encouragement as caregivers make their way from desperation to acceptance, from anxieties to courage.

On your journey you may wish to have a little reassurance handy, to realize others have been through some of the same experiences, felt the same emotions and it might bring calmness to your hour or day.

Print these out and put them where you can refresh your commitment to caregiving once in a while.

Also, please read the extensive list of CAREGIVER TIPS that
other caregivers have contributed,
or send us your tips if you wish to contribute tips yourself.

Memory-loss caregiving Tips

Remember, you are doing the best you can at the moment.

You are welcome to download front or download back, if you like, or print screen them. Please do not sell them or use the text as your own. If you use them online or print them, please give credit to Judith Allen Shone.

I would like you to use them to feel reassured and encouraged. ~ Judy Shone

Mini Caregiver Tip Cards (c) 2021 Judith Allen Shone

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