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April 25, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

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This is my – ongoing – book introduction and reading event!

I am excited… I get to share part of my book and to read to you from the pages of our journey.  Through the wonder of digital technology you can hear a snippet of the stories! I truly wish we could meet over a coffee or tea instead. ☕

I am so glad you were able to be part of it!!!! That makes you part of my chain chain5 of care. 🥰

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When this journey began eight years ago, I could go out and leave My Love safely at home. It was not too long before I was limited to an hour or two. Soon, the hours became minutes, and then, I had to take him with me, or not go out at all.

In summer of 2019 when my book, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” was released, My Love was at the stage he could not be home alone. I was not able to introduce my book nor to consider book signing. I could not have reading events or even take time for book store visits to show the book or speak with readers. I could not accept invitations to talk with groups who wanted passionate caregivers to speak. But I wanted our story to encourage caregivers somehow.

I have shared this book through social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, the book website, and this blog. I hope it has shown up on your screen somewhere!! 🙂 If you have an opportunity, I hope you, too, will share it with those you feel would be interested in the world of caregiving.

Then came Corona. The virus that My Love did not understand, that required both of us, two ‘at risk seniors,’ to stay at home. Except I had to make essential trips to the grocery and pharmacy, a quick 20 minutes.

Still, no time or circumstance for a local book event or book shop readings. So here we previews. You will find short passages I will read to you. I am a caregiver and writer, not a professional reader, but since I would read in a store,  I am ‘giving it a go’ here. I do know and care about the story. 🥰

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My Love sharing our story.


for the amazing, enthusiastic Oakville ‘fans who, from the beginning, supported this book, intended to encourage caregivers:
Oakville Animal Clinic Drs and staff;
Access Abilities gifted to veterans; our keen PSW; my teacher, ReikiMasterofOakville, Acclaim Health, ‘believers;’  SENACA (now Acclaim) Senior Day Program and support group leaders. Online we appreciate Inside Halton  and AlzAuthors.  Thank you. ❤

Thank you to A Different Drummer Books  and Maria’s Bookshop who took my book into their inventory anyway, and to the public libraries of Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Georgetown, where you can borrow this book or put it on hold.

Blessings to the caregivers and readers who have felt connected to this book and those who left me comments. And those yet to find it and let me know.  😊

A portion of the proceeds from these books will help the Alzheimer Society Halton, an organization that is essential to caregivers for loved ones with dementia diseases.

ALZThank you for thinking of them when you purchase this book. Hopefully, after Corona you will still be able to buy a book from their office.

Pretend we are in a book shop and ask questions below in comments if you wish. 🙂

If you are moved to download the virus-free eBook,  click here
or go to your favourite online seller. Thank you.

Listen to Audio Previews


Snippets from chapters in: “Is There Any Ice Cream?”
by Judith Allen Shone


Reading from the Book Copyright (c) 2020 Judith Allen Shone

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