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February 11, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

“Is there Any Ice Cream?”


…if you are a caregiver who wants to become mindful of the spouse caregiver in a world of memory loss.

…if you want to understand, to realize others have felt the same emotions – loneliness, fear, guilt, anger, anguish, frustration yet much love, joy and shared happiness.

…if you want to support and encourage other caregivers from a position of understanding.

“Is There Any Ice Cream?” is available from Amazon and online booksellers.

In a world where millions are taking on this role, accompany My Love and me on our journey. Become acquainted with one caregiver’s life.

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If caregivers, and those who support them, have even a wee glimpse of what lies ahead, then fear dissipates and confidence begins to bloom. 

You will find our journey of emotional experiences helps bring the life of a caregiver into focus, revealing a bit of ‘what if.’

Read the beautiful responses and kind words that I keep receiving, that validate my reason for writing and sharing our stories. 

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“Did You Hide the Cookies?”

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“Did You Hide the Cookies?” propels us into the later years of our Alzheimer’s journey with anxiety and COPD. More experiences and emotions are shared. More memories vanish and behaviors change while heartaches, grief, and sorrow intensify daily.

Accompany My Love and I as we cross into more unfamiliar territory, still facing the challenges of this wicked disease, Alzheimer’s.

Coming later in 2020

Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing!

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