My Caregiver Nudge

December 10, 2019 by jas

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Many caregivers need a nudge, or a helping hand. Find ways to reach out to help them…

…help them blossom and grow. You might even encourage them with the link to this blog!

I was encouraged to “keep going” by three of our doctors and one receptionist when I mentioned I was moving ahead with flooding the world with words, two books and a blog, to help others understand the caregiving world.

With a big smile of approval, my doctor told me, “We need this important book for those who are new to caregiving.” She was speaking of  Is There Any Ice Cream?  “You share intimate experiences from your life that might resonate with other caregivers to help them find courage to reach out.”

She even encouraged me to share with other doctors! You can, too, if you wish! 💛

As testament to her office commitment, her receptionist whispered to me. “Keep going! I loved it!”

My Love’s geriatrician almost insisted I write and publish stories because “caregivers are desperate to hear experiences to realize they are not alone.” 

My Dr. Therapist, my first fan, inspired me to become part of the chain of care in the broader caring community, at a time when caregivers were being overlooked and forgotten globally. He encouraged me to take a part in erasing the stigmas that abound.

So much positive encouragement was my green flag  greenflag  to “keep going.” 😊
And so I do.

Today, it is nearly eight years since our journey with dementia began as ‘mild cognitive impairment.’ Since then, I have found support to hold my hand along the way. It felt good. And I can tell you now, life just feels better with support. You recognize HOPE more easily when you have support.  

I even feel support from Mike Dooley, in A Note from the Universe®, when he says, “…never look into a mirror without smiling!”

(I bet you smiled…don’t you feel better already?)

Thus,  I pass along my belief that familiarity, learned through stories, becomes a bridge from uncertainties to acceptance.  

1- Stay with us.
2- Read through what is here. 
3- Bookmark our site so you can come back when you can.
4- Sign up to get notices when new pages or writings are added.

As a caregiver, reach out often to find encouragement and support you need. It is up to you to let others know you need the help. Ask questions of readers in the comment section below. As readership increases, there will be more who might answer.

Watch for more … we add new pages two times a month, every two weeks, more or less…  Caregiving is still priority one. 💛


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Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing! -jas

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