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💘 New Posts on the Blog  💘
 Support for “The Loved Ones”
A FB page just for loved ones with dementia
Mini Caregiver Tip Cards
Download tips to help others understand
Grateful for Laughter
Even caregivers need to laugh!

💕 New Stories on the Site 💕
24/7 Ontario help-lines
Dementia related services to help in emergencies
Caregiver Crossword Puzzle
Make your own puzzle that you can do with your loved one
Rattle-on Conversation Starters
Help others feel comfortable with ‘ready’ words to trigger conversation. 

Thank You for sharing this blog 
so more caregivers can read relatable stories!
Blog posts created by Judith Allen Shone along with guest authors
A Conversation for Caregivers: with Judy Shone 
Video interview for caregivers
The video interview, A Conversation for Caregivers: with Judy Shone, is produced by the Halton Hills Public Library and moderated by Danielle Arbour, Public Education Coordinator with the Alzheimer Society. The interview brings many aspects of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s and the role of caregiving, into the limelight. Share this YouTube video so the public can get a sense of the life of a spouse-caregiver and her loved one with several diagnosis.
Visit your local ALZHEIMER SOCIETY
FIND your branch on your province site.
Visit the focused condensed siteAT HOME
offering free education, counselling, programs, fitness
and online support groups and counselling over the phone,
or safely in person, if needed, all while COVID surrounds us.😊
New CAREGIVER TIPSare added regularly on the blog. 
You are still invited to add helpful tips for caregivers’ toolboxes.
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Go through ALL TITLES for the chronological list of everything posted on the site.💕
Be safe. COVID still lurks around every corner.💕
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with current Alzheimer’s information, and more.
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…then consider what you can add!! 
Help libraries educate the public!

Ask your library to add these books to their collections.
Most library websites will have a Refer A Book form!!
Thank You!   
Ready to write YOUR guest author story to share  on this site?
Do it now!
 Remember, we are all adding to the knowledge of caregivers 

 Order the two books locally
or online from your favourite bookseller
or from Amazon

Part One and Part Two reveal a caregiver’s journey.

Is There Any Ice Cream?  Part One
Did You Hide the Cookies?  Part Two
Accepting the Gift of Caregiving series.
Order locally or online!!! 
Search by author for books to be one AMAZON page!
 in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover
 Learn more about the books, visit:
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Blog Administration, blog:  Accepting the Gift of Caregiving


2 thoughts on “Sample of our email updates

  1. Loved what you shared. Learned so much from your 2 books. They are definitely worth reading and sharing with others.


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