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Accepting the Gift of Caregiving

We are not medical persons, we do not give diagnosis, and do not offer a ‘how to do it’ format. We know there are so many unique experiences, that it is too difficult to know how anyone else’s life will flow.

Learning from experiences is a gift.

And so we share our gifts, what we have gone through, the emotions we have felt, the unique experiences we have had. The intention is that the words from experienced caregivers will help dissolve the anxiety of the unfamiliar and create courage for what ‘s ahead among those who are drawn to learn.

My caregiver role began eight years ago when I was plunged, untrained and scared, into the darkness of the most demanding phase of my life, the role of spouse-caregiver. I was truly scared and lonely.

I wish now that back then I had found personal stories that explained and clarified my limited knowledge of the caregiver role. I learn best from real-life stories. I longed to feel that sacred bond that I now know exists between caregivers. I craved support. I desperately needed someone to walk with…I would have appreciated finding stories that could have uncovered my world ahead.

πŸ’– Walk beside usπŸ’–


1- Begin with: About

2- I suggest early consideration of Alzheimer’s Connections to get you the right guidance and Alzheimer Society downloadable brochures and publications

3- Readers tell me they like these helpful pages that give
quick referencing:

4- See also RSS Reading Options – newest online research posted

5- Favourite story choices seem to depend on the caregiver’s current situation:
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Stories offer a detailed sense of the realm of caregiving from an emotional and experiential perspective.

πŸ’– We look forward to seeing you walking beside usπŸ’–

It is an honour to share the wisdom from Guest Authors who contribute to help illuminate the world of caregiving for other caregivers through their thoughts and experiences. πŸ’• I love sharing stories others wish to tell!


What experiences could you, as a caregiver, share?? In what ways can you contribute to the caregiver toolbox?

  • How did you feel?
  • What surprised you?
  • How did you find solutions?
  • Where did you get help?
  • How did you learn?
  • What do you wish you had known?
  • What is the most helpful advice you could share with someone else?

When you are ready, write your Caregiver Tip to share so others can learn from your caregiving life. Then, contact me!

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