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December 09, 2019 by jas


Begin here to understand the site!

No one knows we need help or support or friends or encouragement unless we say it out loud to someone else.

This site is intended to be a bridge for caregivers while learning about support and how important lifelines are for our journey. We’re hoping to help you be able to get on your feet through understanding.

Caregivers learn from one another. Our experiences will differ but our emotions will resonate. It is up to us to bolster each other up and to support one another.

We become the support we need!

Stay and visit. Come back often! 😊 Ask questions in the comment section at the bottom of pages. Let us help you direct you to the help you are looking for.

Please note, this is not a medical site, nor a caregiver ‘how-to’ site.

MAIN MENU offers articles and topics that remain in place, like a website.
BLOG offers scolling subjects, posted chronologically.
…Blog Excerpts gives a sense of each blog page.

The following list includes some of what is here.


It all began here. I had to share. I had to help others, let them know there is support, even though I knew/still know so little.  I began with articles talking about my caregiving  experiences in general…see Titles.  And the site grew into all the ideas I could think of that would help caregivers.


There are so many of us giving care to loved ones, yet, a variety of circumstances are driving our lives in different directions. Our caregiving lives ‘look’ nothing alike. I care for a spouse. You might care for a parent, or maybe even both parents. I am a solo caregiver. You may share that role. I am in my late seventies. You may be ten or twenty years younger. But the point is, I could never write about the experiences that other caregivers are living with the heart that they put into their own stories.

We can all be grateful for Guest Authors.

book ad-sml

…the first book of stories of the journey My Love and I took, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” Surviving the Challenges of Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s, Anxiety and COPD, Accepting the Gift of Caregiving, Part One.

It offers a glimpse into the life of caregiving with My Love and me, our journey from the beginning…my resistance, my acceptance. “Did You Hide the Cookies?” Part Two, the later years of our journey, will be released later in 2020.

support clear SM

While I cannot tell you how to be a caregiver, I can offer suggestions that will help you find the solutions you need. Thus, the Support Group associated with to the two books.


Image result for alzheimer's halton hamilton logo

1. Alzheimer Society – Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton (Ontario) Canada

Acclaim Health
2. Acclaim Health– Oakville, Ontario

The work of these two local dementia and Alzheimer related and community health organizations have been instrumental in out life related to memory loss and the associated aging issues caregivers come to know well.

PLEASE, if you have been supported by the services of these groups, or in some way your life was touched in a meaningful way, please, consider a donation.

We visit this blog daily 🥰 Leave a note to tell me you stopped by!
Come back soon! 💜🍦


“About the site” Copyright © 2019 Judith Allen Shone

Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing! -jas

I hope, if you find personal experiences help in a softer way than ‘lists’ of ‘do this or that’, then you will resonate with the emotional stories of our journey, as they help you ease into the caregiver you never intended to become. ~jas
Visit the book page.

You are invited to share a caregiving experience or leave a note. Inappropriate comments will not be published.

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