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Q: Are you an informal, unpaid caregiver, a family member? a spouse? partner? friend or neighbour? or caregiver support?

Q: Is your loved one’s need for care related to memory loss?

A: This caregiver-focused site is for you.

Sense the caregiver’s life through the knowledge and encouragement shared here.

Find caregivers encouraging caregivers as they disclose their uncertainties and reveal ways they have navigated along their journey.

Feel verbal hugs of comfort to tuck away for your months and years ahead.

While being a caregiver, I have heard and
read personal stories of many who tend to those who need care.

I have learned that caregivers:
…display the bravery of gladiators,
…possess the natural ability of geniuses,
…draw upon the wisdom of sages;
…borrow magic from wizards,
…hold hands with angels,
…confirm the selflessness of parents,
…are gifted with shoulders of Atlas;
…are so busy caring for their loved one that they don’t realize
they are God’s treasures in the universe. 🤗

Sometimes these caregiver stories find their way into my life
at just the moments I need them.” ~ Carla S., caregiver

Read our caregiver-written stories.

We know from childhood that we learn from stories.
In that same way, I hope our stories will:
1. broaden the knowledge base for a caregiver’s toolbox, and
2. guide those who, by choice, support them.

The authors of these stories are caregivers who stepped up to, or fell into, the role of caring for loved ones with memory loss. They are family members, friends, or those who support caregivers.

Caregivers can also be professionals in the field of caring, as well as members of support teams. They have lived in the world of caregiving and have helped carry the burdens for those who no longer can manage on their own.

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NOTE: The words on this site are intentionally darker in contrast to the white background and are a ‘tad’ larger for easier reading by aging eyes.

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Enjoy this delightful introduction to caregiving … perhaps encouragement and reassurance! Created by Donna Thomson & Dr. Zachary White – it won a Telus Stories for Caregivers Prize.
Used on this blog with permission from Stories for Caregivers.

Walk with caregivers

The author and
her loved one

I invite you to walk with me and my guest authors who reveal joys and sorrows from their personal caregiving experiences.

I hope you will let us shine a light on your path
so you will no longer feel alone.

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