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This site is for you – to help you imagine the caregiver’s life, their compassion, dedication and gratitude, and to provide support and encouragement to carry on.

Let your stress and worry melt away, if only for the moments you are here, reaching out to learn!

We all know from childhood that we learn from stories. In that same way, I hope our stories will serve as a bond between caregivers and those who, by choice, support them.

The authors of these stories are caregivers who care for loved ones with memory loss. They are a family member, or a friend, or caregivers supporting other caregivers. They are professionals in the field of caring, as well as members of support teams. They have lived in the world of caregiving, carrying burdens for those who no longer can manage on their own.

Come to browse…look for inspiration.

At some point in our life, most of us will likely, unexpectedly, be accepting the gift of caregiving, walking along that bumpy path with a loved one.

It does not matter what you call a caring person…

. . . a caregiver, a caretaker, a care partner, aidant principal, la cuidadora, or an angel of mercy . . .

. . . the question is, will YOU be ready?

Walk with caregivers

The author and her loved one

I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.

Charles de Lint

I invite you to walk with us, with me and my guest authors. Discover what we have found as we journeyed through the world of caregiving. I hope you will let us shine a light on your path so you will not feel alone.

Caregivers: you will sense the joys and sorrows from our caregiving experiences. You will find there are others who have lived what you are going through, who have encountered similar emotions as you are feeling.

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Thank you for your encouragement.
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Judith Allen Shone

My caregiver role began eight years ago when I was plunged, untrained and scared, into the darkness of the most demanding phase of my life, the role of spouse-caregiver. I was truly scared and lonely.

I wish now that back then I had found personal stories that explained and clarified my limited knowledge of the caregiver role. I learn best from real-life stories. I longed to feel that sacred bond that I now know exists between caregivers. I craved support. I desperately needed someone to walk with…I would have appreciated finding stories that could have uncovered my world ahead.

πŸ’– Walk beside usπŸ’–


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πŸ’– Walk beside usπŸ’–

It is an honour to share the wisdom from Guest Authors who contribute to help illuminate the world of caregiving for other caregivers through their thoughts and experiences. πŸ’• I love sharing stories others wish to tell!


What experiences could you, as a caregiver, share?? In what ways can you be a shining light?

  • How did you feel?
  • What surprised you?
  • How did you find solutions?
  • Where did you get help?
  • How did you learn?
  • What do you wish you had known?
  • What is the most helpful advice you could share with someone else?

When you are ready, list experiences you could share so others can learn from your caregiving life. Then, Contact me

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Do not wait. You can be the one who responds to a caregiver’s plea, the one who reaches out with encouragement to a caregiver who needs your friendship. You’ll know the one.

Caregiver to caregiver connections

It feels good to discover others have been angry or sad, felt similar guilt, made the same mistakes and wondered about the same unanswered questions.

Let these stories be a hand-to-hold for any caregiver who is floundering in the darkness of unfamiliarity. Do not let them feel alone.

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DO YOU UNDERSTAND the caregiver’s life?
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Those who do, will resonate with the shared experiences, both here and in the two books.

Read the BACKSTORY that gives context, fills in some of the gaps, shares events and information not told in the two books, that, together, took four years to write, overlapping somewhere in the middle when I worked on both.

Then read the books understanding a wee bit more of the ‘before’ years. 🌞

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