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My Love left us January 2022. He was 82. His years with memory loss and all his associated senior ailments were over.

Things happened so quickly. In that moment it seemed like our nearly 29 years together had been blown away by a wisp of air … gone.

Remember as you read and learn that caregiving is a gift we have been given to share with our loved ones. Be the best caregiver, give love with every effort you make, every task you accomplish, every thought you think, or service you provide. We get no do-overs. Be present when caring for those you love.

I am ever grateful I was the one who cared for my love 24/7. I understand the heartache,
but love never dies; keep loving.
Love, ❤ Judy Shone

Hey there – Yes, you…

Bring your coffee or a cup of tea and spend a few moments to see what we are about!


We have static pages shown in the top menu. Our blog has pages, noted on the side bar, which are added periodically. Both have information relating to caregivers or caregiving specifically for those with memory loss.

Somedays I feel the need to tell it like it really feels, and want to help readers understand that many caregivers face the unexpected bumps in life. We caregivers are human, too, and have reactions we wish we could change! It always seems better if we have someone to talk to, or who listens, or who understands!

Reach out and hold my hand and the hands of others who have shared their stories here because they know the value of sharing.
We know the road you walk is not easy and are here to help.

I will be your host and I hope you will feel welcome here, and will come back often! Ask questions …Come to browse…look for inspiration.

forget me nots

We focus on caregivers for loved ones with memory loss and their support, encouragers, families and friends.
My wish is that you discover connection and reassurance here!

It does not matter what you call a caring person – a caregiver, a caretaker, a care partner, aidant principal, la cuidadora, or an angel of mercy –

…the question is, will you be ready?

The potential is great that, at some point in our life, most of us will, unexpectedly, be accepting the gift of caregiving for a loved one with memory loss, as an encourager, as support, as a professional, or as a caregiver.

“I am drawn to Judith’s telling of her caregiving experiences
because of the touching sincerity of her words.
But now that I am digging more deeply into the
Accepting the Gift of Caregiving blogsite,
I find that I am also wowed by Judith’s technological capabilities!”

Barbara G. Matthews
, caregiver, blogger
“What to do About Mama?”

Judy and her loved one

I invite you to walk with us and learn from those who taught us, who supported us, who befriended us, and who cared for us on our 10-year journey. 💝

Grab hold of my hand, lean on me and the authors here on this site, so you will know you are not alone.

Walk beside us, through essays, stories, and expressive writing, to uncover what might be ahead in a caregiver’s world. 

Share my joys and sorrows as I recount stories of my spouse-caregiving life that began when My Love was first diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, when I was truly scared and lonely.

I hope my words that reflect my unfolding growth in empathy and compassion in those years will lift spirits, resonate, make you laugh or cry, but ultimately, make a human connection so neither of us will feel alone. 💖

In addition, it is exciting to share the wisdom from guest authors to help illuminate the world of caregiving through their thoughts and experiences.

At the moment of My Love’s diagnosis, I was plunged, untrained and scared, into the darkness of the most demanding phase of my life, the role of spouse-caregiver.

Explore this site with a caregiver. Discover the world of caregiving as you read and vicariously experience it with us.

We hope our words become a connection between us, as the light shines on our path, our experiences, in order to stretch and enhance your perception of the caregiver role.

There is no better teacher than life’s emotional experiences, your own, and especially those shared by a storyteller. 

Thank you for visiting.
My wish is that we have helpful information for you.

While you are here, take time to read
ABOUT THE AUTHORJudith Allen Shone —
to become familiar with her caregiver perspective
for her loved one.


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So happy to read your comments left in the field at the bottom of pages… Ask questions or leave caregiver comments.🍦🍪 🌷

Email me if you wish to share a story, a comment,
a caregiver tip, or to ask questions.
! 🥰 !
Thank you for your encouragement.
🍦 Thank you for your time to visit and connect. 🍪

~ 💙💛💚 ~


The Conversation with a Caregiver video is helpful to hear discussion with a caregiver of 10 years!

The Post Excerpts, will guide you through the BLOG section posts. They are similar to day-to-day story telling.

Then see Stories and All Titles listing that show the articles, essays and stories about specific topics, plus education, research, exercise and entertainment! 😊

Take time to look around so you can come back when you want to feel connected to caregivers. 💜

We even have 🎵 relaxing music 🎵 to listen to for a relaxed visit to our site!

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Do not wait. YOU BE THE ONE who responds to a caregiver’s plea, you be the one who reaches out with encouragement to that caregiver who needs your friendship. You’ll know the one.

Caregiver to caregiver connections

It feels good to discover others have been angry or sad, have experienced similar guilt,  and made the same mistakes and wondered about the same unanswered questions.

These stories can be like a hand-to-hold for any caregiver who is floundering in the darkness of unfamiliarity. They will not have to feel alone.

** A REMINDER before you go, these stories are copyrighted with all rights reserved. If you choose to copy any words from this site, for education purposes, for your school project, for sharing with other caregivers, for inclusion in a speech, please, please honor the rights of authors, as you wish to be honored and include the author’s name, mine or the guest, the article name and the date, the name and link of this blog. THANK YOU.

Consider reading these books
specifically written for caregivers.

book ad-sml
cover 3in COMPR

Understand the caregiver’s life!
Those who yearned to feel encouragement and support
have resonated with the shared experiences,
both here and in these two books.

BE PREPARED for the role of caregiver
Many stories here are from my life as a spouse-caregiver, some even written almost as they are happening. Read the stories I share to become prepared for life in the world of Alzheimer’s!
Send me questions if you wish.
I will try my best to get you answers.
Thank you.

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“Accepting the Gift of Carergiving”  Copyright © 2019 Judith Allen Shone

“Where Caregivers are Encouraging One Another” Copyright © 2020 Judith Allen Shone

NOTE: All illustrations for book cover, the lilacs, and the illustrations for the Caregiver Feels image are originally created by ©Tatiana Mitrushova, with license from fotolia.com. @MitrushovaArt on Etsy. The cone of the book cover original by Jiri Hera, with license from dreamstime.com

Each day do something that makes others smile and your heart sing.
~ Judith Allen Shone, from “Is There Any Ice Cream?”

Many of the graphic images in this site are from Pexels.com and Pixabay.com. We are grateful to the creators, photographers, illustrators and artists for permission to use them.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and reading our stories. Caregivers definitely need all the help they can get. Thank you for being an advocate for caregivers.


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  3. Thank you for visiting our stories, Donna. Your expertise is a value to the world of caregivers. I hope you will consider sharing a short story here. 🙂


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