A Test for Alzheimer’s

October 29, 2020 by jas

Taking this test IS NOT THE SAME AS SEEING YOUR DOCTOR. Please see your doctor to seek a professional diagnosis…doctors can find and give answers.

However, watching this initial type Alzheimer test has been known to reduce fears of talking to a doctor.

Just like results from a yearly physical exam, a test for Alzheimer’s informs doctors of the status of a patient’s health.

David Hoffman video

This is a clip from a documentary from David Hoffman, made in support of nurses and nurse practitioners.

It won’t hurt…in this video, a nurse practitioner helps her patient learn if he might be beginning to have memory loss…these are the type of questions some medical professionals ask to discover a patient’s status with respect to memory loss.

From the results the doctors can determine what other tests are needed to confirm a diagnosis. Discovering ‘what is going on’ is a process that takes time. Many times, this is how it begins.

See also Signs of Dementia page on this site.

Your answers to any of the questions can only be evaluated by a qualified medical professional.

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