Caregiver Activity Ideas

Activity ideas for caregivers are meant to help inspire caregivers to refresh their spirit, and to boost the loved one’s interest in something they used to like to do, or perhaps to kindle new interests for even one project.

Find pages on this site where caregivers can discover something that will put a spark in their daily caring routine.

Remember COVID-19 may impact activities that can happen, plus how and where.

Depending on the progress of memory loss, and changing physical abilities, our loved ones will gravitate towards those activities they prefer or are able to do.

Early in dementia, activities requiring relevant cognitive capability are often successful. Over time, abilities change and thus the activities offered later work better when suited to capability and attention span. Caregivers will be able to determine ‘what works’ from daily observations.

Caregiver Exercises – a number of videos, tai chi, chair exercises, for those who want to have a video easy to find so they can exercise and get on with the day.

Falls Prevention – Steps to be taken to make a home dementia friendly and personal aspects to consider to prevent falling as much as possible.

Music, Radio and Audio – Encouraging caregivers to make their own playlists, video lists, or old radio programs of favourites to return to when quickly needed. You can copy/paste links into your own word page and save it for future use.

Musical Moments – Music intended to be background, calming, familiar sounds to relax, distract, and help refocus to simpler, easier moments.

Simply Quotes – Read and be uplifted. Send your favourite and we will add it.

Sing Along – Songs to sing with others, and words on the page to follow along.

The contributed suggestion ‘Games,’ taken from Activities topic on the Caregiver Tips page suggests games that might motivate a loved one to be engaged in life.

GAMES: Different games can keep a loved one socially engaged and interested in his surroundings. Suggestions may not apply to everyone – consider the cognitive ability level and compatibility with game difficulties.

Jenga, Checkers, UNO (with big cards), Neighbours, Go-Fish, Solitaire, Sorry, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Connect Four, Guess-the-Sound -YouTube has videos (you can pause the video while loved ones guess), Look through picture books and play I Spy.

You can add more here if you know a game. ~Facebook Canadian Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group




LOADS of activities on their website for at-home activities for loved ones.

  • Exercises
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Meditation
  • Music Therapy
  • Acclaim Health Radio Hour
  • Recipes
  • Reading Circle
  • Colouring pages


Education, Fitness and Support


Activity Kits have been created by the Public Education Team at the Alzheimer Society. These activities are meant to be enjoyed by both you and the person living with dementia you are supporting.

See their activities where loved ones can engage and participate.

Or notice their passive activities like videos of animals and pictures.



pdf: “All About Me” , a booklet one with memory loss puts together so, when necessary, others will know and understand the person, what they like to do, eat, play, read and what makes them feel comfortable.

Products, tools and resources from store dementia store

Related to visiting a loved one in a facility that is not their home. What is PROMENADEAPP.COM?
Promenade is an iPad app designed for family members and caregivers to use when visiting loved ones living with dementia or related illnesses. 


These lists will help you FIND ACTIVITY IDEAS!
(See also Activities on Caregiver Tips page.)


  • Feed and watch the birds
  • Help in the garden
  • Play bocce ball or horseshoes
  • Sit in park, take in sunshine
  • Take a walk
  • Visit with friends, neighbours on the patio…safe distancing
  • Wash sliding door or other reachable windows
  • Watch dogs at the dog park
  • Water plants in the yard


  • Caregiver, or loved one, read parts of favourite or new stories
  • Dry the dishes, put dishes away
  • Listen to favourite music
  • Look at photo albums
  • Look at pictures in books
  • Look at special TV program together
  • Paint, draw, colour
  • Play games, cards (see ‘GAMES‘ above)
  • Set the table
  • Sing favourite songs (see Sing Along)
  • Sort and/or fold laundry
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor

We love adding new ideas to the Tips page…*list your activity favourites in comment below* and we’ll add in the appropriate spot on the tips page or here with activities!

Have you noticed conversation changes in your loved one? Our experience is revealed in Conversation Blackout,” visit to read more!

~ jas …remember you are my sunshine! 🌞

Caregiver Activity Ideas (c) 2020 Judith Allen Shone

Share a caregiving experience or leave a note here. Thank you. 🌷

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