Poems for Caregivers

There are innumerable ways to express how we feel, to convey our emotions.

Poetry is one form of expression used by many to tell an emotional story. Poems here are but a microcosm of the words voiced sharing love, sadness, joy, laughter in memory of a loved one.

If you feel moved to write a poem, or have one you wish to share, contact me for consideration for posting on this page.


by Margaret Barnes Carter

Can anyone now hear me?
Where has everyone gone?
What is this different place?
Can you still see me?
Can you still feel me?
Have I become a gauzy smoke image?
Do your hands pass through me
With no recognition of who I am?
Am I now unseen unheard?
What did I do to merit such disregard?
I’m here at the cliff’s bottom,
Looking up to where I was.
Is anyone there to hear me?
Is anyone there to see me?
Is no one there to help me?
Where has everyone gone?

From book of her poems Living with Alzheimer’s – A Poetic Expression
by Margaret Barnes Carter © 2017
Written for others to ‘feel’ as it did to her.

Caregiver Poem

by Ryann Huff

The heart of a caregiver is a rare element on earth
They define the true meaning and value of God’s worth

The soul of a caregiver is precious and pure
Their spirits are heavenly, of that I am sure

The selfless compassion and love that they share
Provides relief, joy, and comfort just knowing they’re there

Their efforts often unnoticed, full of strength and emotion
Bring peace to the heavens with angelic devotion

Many nights they are restless, their minds filled with unease
Because they devote their lives to tend to others’ needs

There is none more deserving than one with the caregiver ability
They show peace, love, and mercy and give our loved ones dignity

Caregiver, a special place in heaven is waiting for you
There is a special place inside my heart that is reserved for you, too

Thank you for everything, all of it, and more
I pray someone so kind is there for you when you knock on God’s door

You are loved and respected and cherished
And I wouldn’t have known what to do without you

In memory of Earl T. Huff, Sr. & Dedicated to: The Isadora, Spring Hill, FL, USA.
Ryann Huff © copyright

Dementia, The Thief

By Hannah Hillier

It took away your days and nights and time became a blur.
It sucked your speech right from your mouth, and your words became a slur.

It slowly imprisoned you from your life when you couldn’t walk your miles.
It haunted your sleep and made you scared and wiped away your smiles.

Because it’s not just memory loss that dementia brings your soul,
It gives you tortuous unwanted gifts to replace the ones it stole.

It switched your radiant laughter and joy for agitation, sadness, and fear.
And stole your independence and made your world become less clear.

Your loved ones watched you disappear a little more each day.
They wished, but all so helplessly, as it stole you right away.

And in the end are precious memories that you possess no more.
But instead, your loved ones treasure them deep inside their core.

I do not know if you remember me or if I’ve been stolen from you too.
But dementia will never, ever steal away the love I feel for you.

Hannah Hillier © 2018- from post by Ian Kremer on twitter 05 Jan 2021

If you have a dementia related poem you would like to share, please send a note of request. We will post it with your attribution noted, as on these poems.

Poems for Caregivers © Judith Allen Shone, copyrights for poetry remains with the authors.