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October 20, 2020 by Judith AllenShone

The six (so far) videos about caregivers and caregiving shown below will help caregivers keep learning. From the day we are ‘tapped’ to care for a loved one, we continue to learn what is necessary to be the best caregiver we can be.

Because in the beginning, the learning curve is so steep, our time spent learning is so intense, sometimes we find reading starts to become overwhelming, talking seems tiresome, and classes with heightened listening, make us weary.

Mixing up our learning methods helps us take in the various topics we are trying to master and encourages us to grasp the importance of our caregiving role in a format that seems right at the moment.

And so to help with the mix, these videos give us a sense of caregiving. They give a time of relief amid the words we add to our caregiver journal daily – let’s turn to videos.

These videos may lead you to other videos related to topics you are concerned with at the moment.

If there is a particular video that helped you along your journey, we welcome your to share the title with us, or send information on the contact form, so others may also benefit. Thank you.

A Conversation for Caregivers with Judy Shone

“This is soooooo worth the listen! Totally “my story” thank you. 🙏 ~Linda Stock, Facebook comment

Production by Halton Hills Public Library, Moderated by Danielle Arbour, Education Coordinator with Alzheimer Society, Hamilton Halton.

Transformation from loved one to caregiver.

Enjoy this delightful introduction to caregiving … perhaps encouragement and reassurance! Created by Donna Thomson & Dr. Zachary White – it won a Telus Stories for Caregivers Prize.
Used on this blog with permission from Stories for Caregivers.

from Stories for Caregivers

Caregiver Readiness

then visit Government of Canada information online


from UCLA Health

from Island Health

Agitation and Anxiety

from UCLA Health

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