Caregiver Crossword Puzzle

February 22, 2021 by jas

It is not often that we get to create a relevant crossword puzzle specifically for a loved one. Here is a website that allows you to do just that.

Like the WordArt website that lets us create a piece of art made from the words we list, various colour and fonts, so visitors can learn about our loved ones, the CrosswordLabs puzzle maker website offers us something similar. The difference is that a crossword puzzle presents an opportunity for a caregiver to create a puzzle that the loved one and the caregiver or other friend can work on to solve together as an activity.

Loved ones who have trouble with words might not be as quick to answer and might need help, but still it can be a connection between two people who can enjoy just being together, whether the puzzle is solved or not.

Below is an example of a ‘self-made’ crossword puzzle for caregivers. The CrosswordLabs site allows you to title the puzzle, create the clues and the words, which you can watch being designed each time you add a new item.

You can download a pdf to print by clicking here. You cannot print on this page…sorry…but you get the idea of what you can do!

Caregiving Crossword (c) by Judith Allen Shone, 21 February 2021


3. what we giver ourselves to stay mentally and physically healthy
7. something we all need to do daily to keep fit
11. what we feel more of than we used to before we were caregivers
12. something we all need to do to keep our brains active
14. acronym for long term care homes
15. memory loss disease with the same name as a Society
17. period of time from beginning to care for a loved on through the last stages
18. what caregivers need to make it through their journey


1.umbrella name for a number of memory loss diseases
2. part of body dementia is related to
4. what you call someone who cares for a loved one
5. Alzheimer staff member who we can talk to privately for guidance
6. person on memory team of who diagnoses
8. time designated as for caregivers to rejuvenate
9. instead of argue, we might do this with those with dementia
10. we all need a certain amount every day
13. we all need enough nightly to keep our bodies ready for action
16. what we get from taking classes at the Alzheimer Society

The opening screen of CrosswordLabs website takes you right to the beginning of a new project. You put in the title, put in words and descriptions and watch the crossword develop in the window beneath your word workspace!! Save and copy. Unless you join their site, it will disappear, so copy if you want to keep it. It is a fun project! Maybe for caregivers to do together over the phone one afternoon!

Caregiver Crossword Puzzle (c) 2021 Judith Allen Shone