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 Judith Allen Shone  became a solo caregiver, a role that began three years after her retirement. It is a commitment she fulfills to this day.

Her personal story, told in her books “Is There Any Ice Cream?” (© 2019) and “Did You Hide the Cookies?” (© 2020) reveals reflective moments from the unanticipated emotional chaos that emerged while she, alone, cared for her loved one with COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, cancer, anxiety, and elevated calcium, with occasional mysteries arising.

In her book, Shone lets others see her life of trials, joys, and heartaches, all part of coping in her world of spouse caregiving. Without a caregiver background, Shone took on the role that eventually became her buried treasure, her gift of caregiving.

​Drawing from her daily caregiving experiences, Shone lovingly shares how she went from resisting the caregiver role for her loved one to realizing it was a gift.

​Using creative ingenuity, as well as an initiative born out of a need to share experiences with others, she was compelled to unmask the role of caregiver to share with those who wanted to learn and understand.

Her publications, the Accepting the Gift of Caregiving series, reveal detailed stories of emotional periods during their journey with her love who had memory loss and illnesses.

​Shone graduated with a BA in Art from Colorado State University in 1965. Before being a caregiver, this former website designer, writer and art teacher spent over forty-two years in sales, advertising and marketing for exhibit firms and the corporate world in the US and Canada.

She has two grown children, two grandchildren and currently lives with her love (and memory of their little dog) in Ontario, Canada.

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