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Author, Judith Allen Shone
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“My Love’s confirmed Alzheimer’s diagnosis was over ten years ago, 2012— two years after his COPD diagnosis, and five years before his anxiety diagnosis — so long ago that the life I left behind has now become a blurry mystery.”

 Judith Allen Shone  became a solo caregiver just two years after her retirement. It is a commitment she fulfilled until her love’s passing in early 2022.

Her personal story, begins in her book “Is There Any Ice Cream?” (© 2019) and continues in “Did You Hide the Cookies?” (© 2020). Both books reveal reflective moments from the unanticipated emotional chaos that emerged while she, alone, cared for her loved one with COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, cancer, anxiety, and elevated calcium, with occasional mysteries arising. A final book will be forthcoming that will hopefully share insights into the latter stages of a journey that ended following his hospitalization with COVID-19.

Readers have found these stories to be written with “such powerful honesty that they inspire and awaken courage.”

In her books, Shone invites you to experience day-to-day life with her, her trials, joys, and heartaches, of the world of spouse caregiving. She hopes she can be the connection to understanding that she wished she had found earlier in her journey. She wants caregivers to become aware of what might be ahead.

​Using creative initiative, she felt compelled to tell her stories to unmask the role of caregiver. Knowing there were millions of stories to be told, her wish was to share a glimpse of her world to those who were also untrained and anxious. She hoped to help them strengthen their own spirit, power and determination, while taking a swipe at the stigma, the fears and misunderstandings, that surround Alzheimer’s world.

​Shone studied journalism and at the University of Kentucky and graduated with a BA in Art from Colorado State University in 1965. Before being a caregiver, this former website designer, writer and art teacher spent over forty-two years in sales, advertising and marketing for exhibit firms and the corporate world in the US and Canada.…the connection that brought this couple together.

Shone has two grown children, two grandchildren and currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

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