Musical Moments

January 09, 2020 compiled by Judith Allen Shone

This page will never be quite finished!! Who knows what beautiful, meaningful music is calling me to post here? πŸ₯° I hope it speaks to you, as well!🎡

Music chosen especially for caregivers!

To engage our minds, to associate with the musical connections... choose your mood. πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸŽ΅πŸ’™πŸ’›

Spend some time listening to music or singing along with music that still makes our life happy!  The choices are because every day we feel a in a mood for different music.

(A) First, you can sing along, dance, chair dance, wiggle your toes, awaken the sparkle in your eyes while you warm your heart!! πŸ’–

(B) Second, the calming music lasts much longer and is meant to be relaxing. 😊 CHECK IT OUT!!

Remember to set your volume on speakers or head set.

(A) You can sing and dance….
ah-1, ah-2, ah-3…

Hope this one will make your day a bit brighter, a bit lighter!


Sing Songs From The 60s
(10 minutes) by theSea Chanters,
with selections fromThe Jersey Boys” from YouTube

Beautiful Africa, beautiful music for relaxing……………….
Juancitoamericano: Flying over Africa, Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Richard Kaufman, Conductor

Themes…click image, then right top menu to see listing. Do you like? πŸ’–

These next two are dedicated to making the world a better place…peace.
“At some point you are going to need somebody to stand by you.”

standby me

Playing for Change  “Stand by Me”
(5 minutes) played in sync by artists around the world – amazing!
from YouTube

bob marley

Playing for Change Bob Marley’s  “One Love” – amazing, again!
(5 minutes) played in sync by artists around the world
from YouTube

Relevant caregiver medley! Some beautiful songs that make me smile and remember happy times. ~jas πŸ’πŸ¦πŸͺ

Music Collection: The Best Of Rod Stewart – Rod Stewart Greatest Hits Full Album

(B) Calm and relaxing music…
to ‘take you away,’ for a ‘few’ minutes.

Enjoy memories!

1 HOUR Calm Relaxing Rainy Day Beatles Classical Guitar For Studying or Sleeping – Ian Gregory Blain

Classical Music for Reading and Concentration – Halidonmusic

Beautiful Relaxing Hymns, Peaceful Instrumental Music, “Monday Morning Sunrise” By Tim Janis

Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing!

Musical Moments Β© compiled for caregivers by Judith Allen Shone, with respective copyrights acknowledged for the videos posted.

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