Let’s Get Acquainted

June 7, 2019, updated June 6, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

Judith Allen Shone, Caregiver-author

Please join me. I am so glad you are here. 😊

Will you be ready to be a caregiver or will you be overwhelmed?

Together, let’s diminish uneasiness and misunderstandings that cause stigma associated with those who care for loved ones and with dementia, Alzheimer’s and related illnesses. Let’s turn any fears of being a caregiver into courage and confidence.

Are you challenged by your caregiver role? Take encouragement and become aware of the realm of caregiving from stories shared by those who have lived the caregiving life and know the value of sharing, of lifelines, and support.

In this blog/site we talk about caregiving for those with some form of dementia:  Caregivers and a loved one: adult children caring for one or both parents, grandchildren caring for one grandparent, spouses who fall into the caregiver role, parents caring for children. Not to mention those who are not family who give loving care every day. 

A caregiver’s life is not easy, but we are better prepared to cope and HOPE when we find insight through the emotional experiences of those who have gone before.

As you read and learn what might be ahead for a caregiver, remember these words were written to reduce apprehensions, to let you know that there are others ‘out there’ to support you.

Please, let it be known you need support. You will grow in courage to go on.

Begin a plan: In what ways will you find encouragement and support?

Life will be so much happier and healthier when support is part of your life.

There are agencies, non-profits, professionals, groups, and organizations able to give medical, technical, and academic information related  via website or research article . Those folks have much to offer in scientific support and knowledge of the dementia diseases.

If you, or someone you know, would like to share a unique story …new or already written, related to the role in a caregiver’s life, please contact me, securely and privately, through this link…and convey your interest.  💜

So…from here?

I am excited to share a spectrum of perspectives, from worlds where I had never lived, from the life I have experienced, and still do live, with my loved one. It is equally thrilling to share stories from Guest Authors, adding their inspiration for us all.

Our intention is to give a glimpse of the life ahead so it is not all surprises, so that you can reach out for the support you did not know you would need, but do!

Each day do something that makes others smile and your heart sing! ~jas

Leave a note 😊 at the end of any page  if you are so inspired or moved…💖 Thank you!

~ jas

“Let’s Get Acquainted”  © 2019 Judith Allen Shone. Updated 2020

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