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….And then, in May and June of 2021, things turned dramatically harder being a caregiver for My Love. I had to give my full attention to his needs. I knew these stories would still be right here. I hoped those who found help here would still return here for information because I was not removing the site. I just could no longer nurture it.
And then, six months later, in 2022 January, My Loved passed and went to a better place.

💘 Grief has not been so easy. I will return to attend to this site at some point. But the information here, for the most part, still can be helpful, still can encourage caregivers as I’ve been doing since I began writing my first blog, in June 2018. Please remember self care!!

To make our world a better place:
Throw kindness around like confetti, and each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing. thank you, Judy Shone, 💕 host of Accepting the Gift of Caregiving site/blog.

List 2021

April 2021
21- Author discussion caregiver VIDEO ~jas
14- Awareness, Anosognosia, or Denial? ~jas
07- Signs of Dementia ~jas
06- Larger Print – easy reading ~jas
01- Understanding Caregiving -Oakville Beaver article

March 2021
13- Caregivers Care ~ jas

February 2021
25- Grateful for Laughter ~ jas
23- Rattle-on Conversation Starters ~jas
23- Caregiver Tips Card ~ jas
22- Caregiver Crossword Puzzle ~jas
21- 24/7 Ontario help-lines ~jas
14- TeeHee Happiness ~jas
14- Little Love Letters ~ jas
11- Talking with loved ones ~ jas
05- *An Unexpected Journey ~ Susan Landeis, Guest Author
03- Ways to Encourage Caregivers ~ jas
01- Our Self-care priorities ~ jas

January 2021
27- Alzheimer’s Awareness Shared ~jas
21- Press Release – Conversation for Caregivers video
16- Alzheimer’s Awareness Month ~jas
05- Poems for Caregivers ~ various authors

  • List 2020

December 2020
23- Care Team Coordination ~jas
13- Caregiver Holidays ~jas
09- Searching for What’s Lost ~jas

November 2020
24- Beyond Caregiver Tips ~jas
23- Stay Updated ~jas
22- Gratefulness ~jas
16- Social Life Duting Covid-19 ~jas
14- November Caregivers Month ~jas
07- Caregiver Activity Ideas ~jas
05- For a dementia friendly home ~jas
04- Where Did She Go? ~jas
02- Telling Time ~jas

October 2020
29- A Test for Alzheimer’s ~jas
24- Sing Along ~ jas
20- Caregiver videos ~jas
19- Feeling Warm or Cold? ~jas
14- Music, Radio and Audio ~jas
05- Those with Dementia Speak ~ jas
01 – *Caregiver Poem ~ Ryann Huff, Guest Author

September 2020
27 – *Incontinence…”Conveniently Forgotten” ~Gail Gregory, Guest Author
21 – Ice Cream, Cookies & the Backstory ~jas
17 – Flickering Magic ~jas
07 – *Maybe I Could Have. . . ~ Andrea René Williams, Guest Author

August 2020
13 – Goin’ to the Hop! ~jas
07- Caregiver Social-support ~jas
06 – Storytelling in Movies ~jas
05- Quintessential Caregiver Support ~jas

July 2020
22- Story Excerpts ~jas
20 –What if? Emergency ~jas
15- Another Day Dawning ~jas
06- Sharing Our Knowledge ~jas
06 – Caregiver Tips ~ assorted authors (send in your tips!)

June 2020
25 – My Favourite Things ~jas
16 – Make Your Heart Sing ~jas
15 – Communication Blackout  jas
13-  Thank-you-mums ~jas
09 – Bright Star ~jas
08 – About the Author
05 – Alzheimer’s RSS FEEDS Reading Options ~jas
03 – Post Excerpts ~jas
02 – Madcap Merrymaker Marvels ~jas
01 – Con
tact ~jas

May 2020
31 – My Love’s Anxiety~jas
30 –Respite Ideas
29 Blog ~jas
12 – COVID-19 ~jas

April 2020
20 – Audio Previews  -jas
20 – Online Book Introduction ~jas
17-  * When Am I? – Robby Henes, Guest Author
04- Caregiver Exercise jas
…… (chair exercises and gentle Tai Chi/Qi Gong videos)
03- * 14 Helpful Tips for the Long-Distance Caregiver – Marianne Sciucco, Guest Author

March 2020
18 – Healing, Going Forward from Grief – Jean Lee, Guest Author

February 2020
14 Just Love With No Place to Go jas
Books jas
10Simply Quotesjas

January 2020
09 – Musical Moments – jas
07- Alzheimer Society Connection – jas
05- Caregiver Cloud – jas

  • List June 2019-December 2019

December 2019
20- Beautiful Christmas ~jas
Art and music as a brief intervention jas
Caregiver Nudge – jas
About the Site – jas

November 2019
* Our 5 New Rules for Dementia Caregiving  – Kathryn Harrison, Guest Author
14- Anxiety Over Anxiety – jas
Education & Resources Links – jas  -periodically updated
“Is There Any Ice Cream?” …the Book – jas
Readers Say – jas
08- Guest Authors – jas
Night Visitors – jas

October 2019
14- Where Do the Missing Words Go? – jas

September 2019
15- Fundamental Support for a Caregiver – jas

August 2019
18- Inspired by a Stranger – jas
10- Beginning Life as a Caregiver  – Carol Craig, Guest Author

July 2019
20- Plan ‘C’ – CaregiverCare – jas
15- Caregiver Résumé – jas

June 2019 –
28- * We Are All Caregivers  – Joule, Guest Author
20- Gramma’s Friends – jas
15- Caregiver Crossroads – jas
10- In Support of Caregivers – jas

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2 thoughts on “Stories and All Titles List

  1. Mari, thank you. Yes, I miss My Love terribly. One day I will continue writing stories and giving suggestions here… and hopefully will complete the final book of the Accepting the Gift of Caregiving series. I wish you well.


  2. I am sorry to hear that your husband died. Your blog, and your books, too, have helped me these last couple years. Thank you.


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