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February 11, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

For the same reason I write this blogsite, I have published my two books — to help caregivers find their way along their journey.

I did not know what I was doing when I stepped in the abyss of caregiving. I can only imagine that in 50 million caregivers worldwide, there are some others who feel the same way, who need helpful tidbits of information to carry on.


Thus the BOOKS and this BLOGSITE
and websites:

Caregiver Challenges and



It was an honor to be mentioned among such amazing members of Kappa Alpha Theta who have had successful lives and careers. I love seeing the passions and abilities blossom in their own time!


Judy and My Love

The stories in Is There Any Ice Cream? and Did You Hide the Cookies? tell of a senior whose life is thrown into confusion from the unexpected worries of caring for her partner diagnosed with COPD, Alzheimer’s disease and anxiety just months after their retirement.

Told with honesty, and compassion, the author shares intimate moments of events that happen in their day-to-day life. The stories weave in evolving transformations these diseases inflict on their relationship and reveal the changing behaviours that influence their lives and love. While the author and her loved one maneuver through the realm of unfamiliar illnesses without support services that others in their situation find indispensable, resentment, desperation, frustration, and anxiety begin to shatter the essence of their twenty-five-years together.

The author reveals experiences that exhaust her, drain her patience, test her survival instincts and pull at her heart strings. In the end, it is emerging gratefulness that revitalizes her confidence and eventually increases her devotion to her loved one, a love from which she draws strength to be courageous, to accept the gift of caregiving, as they face the unknown world of Alzheimer’s. 

“Ever since My Love was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and well into our ongoing, over nine year, journey , My Love has been a Cookie Monster, not to mention his craving for ice cream!  Hence, the titles to the two books, Is There Any Ice Cream? and Did You Hide the Cookies?

Ask you local bookseller to place your order
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Is there Any Ice Cream?

book large4in

In a world where millions are taking on this role, accompany My Love and me on our journey. Become acquainted with my one caregiver’s life.


…if you are a caregiver who wants to become mindful of the spouse caregiver in a world of memory loss.

…if you want to understand, to realize others have felt the same emotions – loneliness, fear, guilt, anger, anguish, frustration yet much love, joy and shared happiness.

…if you want to support and encourage other caregivers from a position of understanding.

You will find our journey of emotional experiences helps bring the life of a caregiver into focus, revealing a bit of ‘what if.’

Published July 2019

“Did You Hide the Cookies?”

cover 3in COMPR

“Did You Hide the Cookies?” propels us into the later years of our Alzheimer’s journey with anxiety and COPD. More experiences and emotions are shared. More memories vanish and behaviors change while heartaches, grief, and sorrow intensify daily.

Accompany My Love and I as we cross into more unfamiliar territory, still facing the challenges of this wicked thief of My Love’s life. Alzheimer’s.

Published August 21, 2020

Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing!


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For “Did You Hide the Cookies?”
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Available online to order from booksellers, including Amazon,
comes in eBook, with LARGE PRINT in paperback and hardcover.
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Books (c) 2019 Judith Allen Shone



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