For a dementia-friendly home

November 05, 2020 by jas

Home Safety Tip Links:

Suggestions for making the home safe and ‘dementia friendly’ can come from a variety of sources. Review lists and choose what works best in your situation.

Ask your doctor to recommend that an occupational therapist come into your home to suggest changes to make your home safer for your loved one and yourself. If necessary, have the therapist send notice to building managers or landlords listing suggested changes, such as grab bars in the tub/shower, or ramp on entryway.

In addition, both Canadian and US website offer suggestions. Links to their pages are shown just below. Browse to find what matches your caregiving needs.

There are many more suggestion lists provided by commercial groups online, and you can find by searching ” safe home dementia.”


Alzheimer Society Making the environment safe

Canadian Patient Safety Institute Safety at Home

Canada Safety Council Maintaining a safe, dementia-friendly home

Government of Canada Useful Aids for seniors


AARP – Creating a Safe Place for your loved one with dementia

Alzheimer Association Home Safety

Mayo Clinic Staff Home Safety Tips

US Government Home Safety Checklist for Alzheimer’s disease

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