Caregiver cloud

January 5, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

List which aspects of caregiving have been hardest for you?
Take that list to your caregiver support group.

To you, CAREGIVER means…

~ ~ ~

How many words do you see in the cloud that resonate with you?
I can imagine your cloud might have others and more!💛

Word Art 5 (4)

The comment section throughout this blog is there to accept your thoughts. Please write them so others can learn from your experiences as well as mine… there are so many who are reaching out.

Let’s be among those who support and encourage them!

If you want a discussion on a topic, send comment below.  Caregivers share their experiences to help each other. So many stories. If you have a story, send comment for response on comment below.  Comments that are messages-to-author will not be posted publicly.

💖  Thank you.


Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing!

You are invited to share a caregiving experience, leave a note or email me at address in right column here or on HOME page. Spam will not be published.

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