Caregiver Knowledge

July 8. 2020 © Judith Allen Shone

One thing most caregivers have learned is that we need as much reassurance as we can get! 🙂 We recognize that support, encouragement, insights and tips learned from others provide the confidence to sustain us all through our journeys.

Caregivers are bright! We learn quickly by necessity. We learn in classes or through coping with our own daily situations, but our biggest support comes from what we have learned from other caregivers, our own lifeline system! Be sure you find such lifelines for your journey.

We learn from each other

Share your caregiver tips so others will have them in their toolbox…

Types of support to be aware of, to seek out,
to have at hand, to be prepared:

  • Behaviour specialists
  • Caregiver support groups – other caregivers
  • Community health charities or support programs
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s organizations locally and online
  • Education support-classes or research online
  • Financial advisor familiar with the dementia issues
  • Friends and family – each one has unique talents to share
  • Hospice and palliative care support
  • In-home support – respite and health-care services
  • Legal counsel from one familiar with memory loss individuals.
  • Medical professional support – keep the medical team close
  • Online zoom teams or teleconferencing groups
  • Physical support – therapy, exercise, health activities
  • Respite services for both caregiver and loved ones
  • Specialty behaviour groups
  • See also Quintessential Caregiver Support , Education & Resource Links and Caregiver Social-Support

Read Caregiver Tips other caregivers have submitted

TAKE TIME NOW . . . write down your tips . . .
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Caregiver Tips can be brief or have more detail, as the telling of it requires! Your 150-200 word contribution will be posted, either signed or attributed with initials, your choice. See those already there.

(1) Write me an EMAIL and tell me category where you would like it to appear…OR
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An example might be this item on shaving, listed under Grooming.

EXAMPLE: Shaving: I had to learn to shave a man’s face. I do it every other day now. I never had done it before. Luckily, My Love was able to tell me how to do it. I found I could use an electric razor best, but he still used his blade when I was finished…until he could no longer do it. I am glad he was able to teach me before he no longer could. ~ Jas, spouse-caregiver

Caregivers have suggested numerous areas of interest. 😊 If your tip fits in a new category, we will add a new category! Next: go to Caregiver Tips page.


💖 Thank you for stepping up to support caregivers.

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Thank you. Judith Allen Shone

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