Caregivers Care

March 13, 2021 by Judith Allen Shone

New Caregivers will soon discover that ‘caregivers care about other caregivers’ as well as the loved one in their care. It is with that brief concept that this blogsite was first established. One caregiver caring how other caregivers feel. One caregiver hoping to encourage others. Caregivers wanting to reassure another that there is support for them. I hope it has been so!💕

Always remember a caregiver can ask another caregiver for help and guidance. Never hesitate. It is likely they will have suggestions that can be followed up to get the help needed.

While this is not a ‘how to do it’ site, and
we certainly do not diagnose or give medical advice,
there are a few steps those caring for loved ones with memory loss might take to help get reliable, educated, assistance.

In the beginning, the jolt of having a loved one receive a confirmed diagnosis of a dementia disease can leave more questions than answers. It is good to know where to go to find resources, and help that will be meaningful in the days ahead. On this blogsite there are numerous resources that you might find helpful. I recap them here hoping that having them in one spot will speed up your search.

I offer you this nudge…you follow your instincts.


It is important that your loved one see their primary health care professional to confirm a diagnosis. And caregivers should seek advise from their primary health care provider as well, so doctors are aware of your new situation

Find Support

Connect with the following organizations listed here and search the pages referenced on this site.

1. Alzheimer Society Canada
Read online and downloadable1. dementia resources.
Phone to get connected 1-800-616-8816 Alzheimer Society Canada
Phone to get connected to the right place in Canada. Do Not Wait.

Their website directs you to your branch as well as offering valuable information
Click the link to FIND YOUR BRANCH!

Ontario Caregiver Organization – Find what you need quickly.
24/7 Helpline 1-833-416-2273

Alzheimer’s ConnectionsIt is important to get knowledgeable guidance.
24/7 Help lines … related to Ontario, Canada …and dementia
Caregiver ACTIVITY Ideas links- Inspiration to work with loved one on activities
they seem to inherently select.

Education and Resource Links – local and online sources for help
Caregiver Tips – especially Self-care, NEW ONES ADDED FRQUENTLY
Quintessential Caregiver Support – make your life better
Caregiver Social Support – links
Audio previews – readings from the “Is There Any Ice Cream?” book.
Blog stories -…read “Goin’ to the HOP” honouring caregiver survivors.

** Check the menu at the top of the page for other topics you may find relevant. **

Reading Options – find newest online research posted from other Alzheimer organziation sites.

see Home, Caregiver Tips and All Titles links on the menu, plus many stories in the Blog

The Backstoryincludes clues to the titles of my two caregiving books!📚

6. Watch A Conversation for Caregivers with Judy Shone.
Halton Hills Public Library, in Ontario, along with
the Alzheimer Society of Hamilton Halton,
produced this interview talking with a caregiver.

We hope you find insights for your journey among these resources
meant to assist and reassure caregivers.

7. For unanswered questions, about the diseases or about caregiving, always consult your primary health care professional for guidance and suggestions for your next steps. Or ask one of the organizations that promote memory loss care in your area.

Caregivers Care” Copyright (c) 2021-2023 Judith Allen Shone

Share a caregiving experience or leave a note here. Thank you. 🌷

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