Game Of Neighbours

Here we are sharing additional information referred from the original Caregiver Tips page.

GAMES: From Carol, spouse-caregiver🌼
Learned at the Alzheimer Society Halton
Game of Neighbours:
Deck of 52 cards
Dice – two
Four (4) players works best
(deal double amount of cards when 2 play)

1.From a deck of normal playing cards, remove Aces, Kings and Jokers. Play with the remaining cards.
2. Initial dealer shuffles and deals. First player is person who throws the dice. Thereafter, player shuffles and deals cards.
3. Shuffle cards
4. Deal nine (9) cards to each person, set the remainder aside.
5. Each person turns their cards up in front of them
6. Begin with person to left of dealer and rotate left
7. In turn, throw two (2) dice.
8. Whatever the combination of the dice adds up to will be the number of the card the player turns face down.
9. If player has the number, he/she turns card face down and rolls dice again.
10. But if player does not have the number, but the ‘neighbour’ to the left has it, the neighbour turns their card with the matching number on it face down.
11. Dice move to the next person to the left once the player cannot turn over another card.
12. Queens require total of twelve (12).
13. Jacks require total of eleven (11).
14. Continue until someone has turned all their cards face down.
15. First person to turn over all cards is the winner.

Sometimes it takes a while at the end of the game to get the last couple of cards turned over. It seems 2s, 3s, Qs and Js are hardest to get.


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