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January 07, 2020 © by Judith Allen Shone

Caregivers care for those with many varied diseases.

While memory loss from dementia is the focus of this site, Alzheimer’s disease is the main theme.

An initial person-to-person conference, or phone call, might be the first step in the process of understanding the disease and what might be ahead, whether for you, for the person with suspected memory loss, for caregivers, or for the families of the loved one.

Your local Alzheimer’s office is a logical place to begin inquiring.


The various Alzheimer Society offices and websites offer much information to help when you have questions. But they are not to be a replacement for a medical professional. 

Each province is separated into regions. Find yours on provincial site and make that connection.

See Alzheimer Society information for Canadian residents below.

Alzheimer Society Canada
Alzheimer Society Alberta & NW Territories 

Alzheimer Society British Columbia
Alzheimer Society Manitoba
Alzheimer Society New Brunswick
Alzheimer Society Newfoundland and Labrador
Alzheimer Society Nova Scotia
Alzheimer Society Prince Edward Island
Alzheimer Society Ontario
Alzheimer Society Quebec
Alzheimer Society Saskatchewan

At the same time that you talk with your GP, contact an Alzheimer’s organization near you. You will find it will be support to complement your medical advice. Your Alzheimer connection will become valued help and knowledge when you need it.

If you are not in Canada,
Google Alzheimer’s information or Alzheimer organizations to find an organization near you.
Do not hesitate to develop a connection to a group that will be a lifeline on your journey.

Alzheimer Society Ontario “The Strength of Connections”
Call to get connected. 1-800-616-8816

My Love is now 81 years of age. In the last nine years he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, anxiety attacks, COPD and osteoarthritis. He has been declared ‘in remission’ from colon cancer for over one year.

If you suspect your loved one might have memory loss, see your primary health care professional right away, many times that is your GP.  Do not wait. Early detection allows more options.

If your life has been touched by the
Alzheimer Society Brant, Halidmand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton,
remember to DONATE what you can, when you can. 
Thank you.


This blog is not sponsored by, nor does it receive funds from, any outside source. We just believe in the work that these two organizations do for our community and hope you will find them, consider their services, donate to their efforts and be grateful, like we are, that those who are associated with them are among us. 💕

Every penny counts!

Give what you can, when you can.

The Alzheimer Society websites in Canada have helpful information to guide you, in conjunction with what your doctor and other helpful groups offer.

See your doctor. Early detection by a physician helps the medical community determine the key factors they will watch for going forward and helps them determine which disease your loved one seems to be developing.

Dementia diseases are not the same. Each presents a different story to your doctor, suggesting a different future. It is recommended that you involve a professional early, just to check.

The dementia diseases, of which Alzheimer’s is just one, have very specific symptoms, characteristics, behaviors and treatment. Early inquiry also gives doctors opportunities to determine that if behaviors might not be pointing toward dementia, they have time to investigate further.

Online there are a number of sites that show stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Different groups might have alternate systems of description, some mention stages, others talk about levels, but most sites show the range of behaviors you might be observing.

Seeing the lists of descriptions might help you establish that a visit with a professional is the best recourse to confirm a diagnosis and to get guidance for going forward.

~ jas

Do something each day to make others smile and your heart sing!

“Alzheimer Society Connections” copyright © 2020 Judith Allen Shone

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