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April 25, 2020 © 🔊 by Judith Allen Shone

Listen to my world of caregiving.

I am so glad we get to meet here! I have been waiting for you!


Find a seat. Get comfortable. Bring your coffee or cup of tea. ☕ Allow me to read to you, in my own voice, which now shows signs of aging.

Hearing me read snippets of our stories will help you feel part of our journey when you read the pages of the books. 

Hear some of our world of caregiving reflected through thoughts I had during those events. Let my voice encourage you to reach out for real people who are there to support you … you are not alone.


Snippets from “Is There Any Ice Cream?”
read by the author, Judith Allen Shone

In each story below, click on the white triangle arrow on the left side of the black line. The voice will begin.
Adjust the volume on the right end of the black line.

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Picture is Judith Allen Shone in her jacket. Her ‘letter jacket’ recieved in 2019! 🙂

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