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Flickering Magic

Thank you for joining me. . . . . .you are my sunshine!! Have you as a caregiver encountered any communication issues recently? If you realize it could happen along your path, maybe you can reduce your stress and worry by knowing others struggle with this as well! Eleven months ago, when I wrote about…Continue reading »

Goin’ to the HOP!

At my age I can say it . . . I remember going to the hop, the teen canteen . . . and dancing to songs like Bobby Darin’s Queen of the Hop and Danny and The Juniors’ At the Hop! I recall seventy years ago ‘hop‘ meant jumping up and down on one foot,…Continue reading »

What if? Emergency

That’s the blaring sounds of the fire alarm in our building that you hear! It was 8 o’clock in the morning. I had just poured my coffee, thinking it was time to begin wake up calls for My Love. But as I placed my coffee down on my desk, loud, high-pitched sounds began to pierce…Continue reading »

Another Day Dawning

Ever since we began our journey in Alzheimer’s world well over eight years ago, My Love has been a Cookie Monster, not to mention his craving for ice cream. Hence the titles to the two books, Is There Any Ice Cream? and Did You Hide the Cookies?) In truth, not a day goes by that…Continue reading »

“My Favourite Things”

CAREGIVERS NEED A BREAK. Music and singing can be a wonderful release for anxious days and edgy moments. You might not skip through your condo, but you might move your emotional level up toward happiness. I bet you cannot read these words without singing or humming the tune in your head. Think: “My Favorite Things”…Continue reading »

Make your heart sing

🎵 🎶 💜“Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing.” I have mentioned or printed this phrase, these words, in various places over the years, but most prominently the image sits on my bathroom mirror so I see if often. I want to make this part of my daily intention, which,…Continue reading »


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