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Six Caregiver Considerations for Spring

COVID-19 or not, spring reappears each year. And while loved ones with dementia may not be outside when spring begins March 21, it won’t be long before the vaccinations allow more socialization and we will take to the outdoors to see our friends once again. With that in mind, some spring tips are worth thinking…Continue reading »

Grateful for laughter

Waking every morning at my age is a gift and not to be taken for granted. I awake feeling laughter I made it through another night. And blessed. In the last while I have been a part of a caring group that has enabled me to create the habit of writing morning letters of gratefulness….Continue reading »

Caregiver Tips Card

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving is not just a book series, and is not just the name of a blogsite. It is a process that we caregivers go through by the caring experiences we live, from the desperation, and sometimes even despondency, we feel until we reach awareness, insight and understanding and eventually acceptance. It…Continue reading »

Tee-hee happiness

As I have aged I have discovered how important it is to walk my talk. My words mean nothing if I don’t live them. My life has been driven by my words, converted from my thoughts that, admittedly, have changed throughout these years. And so on this Valentine’s Day, the one following nine long years…Continue reading »

Little Love Letters

Shared love can be with anyone, not just between caregivers and loved ones! I ‘received’ lots of love this week and it felt good! Let’s all spread some love!! While cleaning out my desk used for over thirty-five years, I uncovered an old leathery piece of history. I knew by the zipper around the edges…Continue reading »

Press Release

Oakville Author Shares Her Caregiver Journey with Video for Alzheimer’s Society Hamilton Halton


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