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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Each January, in Canada, during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, the Alzheimer Society of Canada makes information available to encourage the rest of us to learn more about dementia diseases and the impact they have on families. The Alzheimer Society of Canada specifically talks about the January Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and elaborates on topics so we can…Continue reading »

Caregiver Holidays

“JOY TO THE WORLD” The sounds of strolling carolers, or neighbours singing, the church organ playing, music on radio and TV, videos on social media, CDs playing while making holiday cookies; meeting friends for a drink of cheer and laughter, or walking in the snow—all enhance the excitement of the holiday season for many families…Continue reading »

Searching for What’s Lost

Here we are, nearly nine years since I said I’d be My Love’s caregiver— when his downhill slide began, when his coughing was given a name… COPD. More significantly, it is nearly eight years since his doctor confirmed that his forgetful behaviours indicated an Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia diagnosis. Now, I am watching as My…Continue reading »

Stay Updated…

…with Recent Studies and Information Drop into the Alzheimer’s RSS Feeds page once in a while and find recent articles and information related to studies on memory loss. The RSS Feed page offers the recent research and papers from the listed organizations. The titles show up with links and are updated by the organizations when…Continue reading »


In three days, our neighbours in the United States, will celebrate their Thanksgiving Day, which again, nudges me to be grateful that I have so many blessings. This past October in Canada, it was comforting for My Love and me to observe Thanksgiving, as always, when the leaves were turning, and the fresh harvest was…Continue reading »

‘Social Life’ During COVID

During the Covid-19 period, we, like others, have had far fewer physical social connections than ever before. Beginning here March 2020 and lasting through the rest of the year, My Love and I have been our own bubble of two and see few other people regularly. In response to the virus, and the isolation it…Continue reading »


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