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“My Favourite Things”

CAREGIVERS NEED A BREAK. Music and singing can be a wonderful release for anxious days and edgy moments. You might not skip through your condo, but you might move your emotional level up toward happiness. I bet you cannot read these words without singing or humming the tune in your head. Think: “My Favorite Things”…Continue reading »


My Love has memory loss. We began this circuitous journey together over eight years ago. … The past two days were quite unusual. It seems some slight shifting might be going on and it has gotten my attention.

Bright Star

This month my mother would have been one hundred and three years old. Her mother lived for one hundred years. Her brother lived until one hundred and four. But alas, my mother fell and broke her hip. Complications followed and she lived just three months beyond her ninetieth birthday. She would have loved being one…Continue reading »

Madcap Merrymaker Marvels

I don’t know about you, but all of me is exhausted! I have become someone that I no longer recognize, struggling to keep positive thoughts in my life, facing strong challenges to shut out the negativity that has surfaced on every corner, negativity that seems to dominate every topic. What happened? To me? To the…Continue reading »

My Love’s Anxiety

I mention all this in hopes that when someone reads it, they might recognize something familiar or similar and mention it. My Love was diagnosed with COPD ten years ago. Two years later, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. About the same time he developed a condition described to us as “probably…Continue reading »

Blog Posts

Finally, a ‘blog’ on a blog site! Imagine! The Blog format here is more like random ‘chatting’ with each new posting. You will get a sense of it. 💕 Titles, the main-menu stories, will remain where they are as topical focus of this site. Today is My Love’s 81st birthday. Our Alzheimer’s journey began sometime…Continue reading »