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Blog Posts

Finally, a ‘blog’ on a blog site! Imagine!

The Blog format here is more like random ‘chatting’ with each new posting. You will get a sense of it. 💕

Titles, the main-menu stories, will remain where they are as topical focus of this site.

Today is My Love’s 81st birthday. Our Alzheimer’s journey began sometime in fall of 2011… the date escapes me…but I think acknowledging almost nine years has made me mindful of time! I never dreamed caregiving, and thus my books about caregiving, would span such a long time!

As a fledgling caregiver, I was unfamiliar with just about everything and wished for a book that gave me a loose understanding of the dementia impact on life from a spouse-caregiver perspective. I tend to ignore those who want to tell me “how my life is going to be.” I like the experience of discovering for myself. 

Well, I “had to learn the hard way,” as my mother used to remind me.

If only as a new caregiver I had discovered  stories about a retired wife whose loved one was diagnosed after retirement with several fatal diseases, including Alzheimer’s. If only I had discovered that I was among a special group, a tribe, a family of caring human beings who could become supportive for me as I was becoming for My Love.

A book that shared emotional stories would have been perfect. It might have guided me to see experiences I did not know to look for. If only I had not taken so long to look at life with new eyes and a more nurturing heart.  And so I felt the need to become a storyteller, to unmask incidents and tidbits, emotions and experiences, that might help caregivers understand the need to reach out for support waiting for them.

So I wrote one, and then two, and then… the Accepting the Gift of Caregiving series of books, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” and “Did You Hide the Cookies.” 

As I sit here, I know My Love is in the latter stages of his Alzheimer’s years. The horrors of the impact of multiple diseases in those earlier years have faded. I still grieve as I recognize what is gone. But I can take time to reflect and find joy in little incidents of day to day, as my brain begins to download to my fingers and the keyboard once again.

Thank you for you visiting! 💖

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