November-Caregivers Month

November-Caregivers Month

Natioanl Family Caregiver's Month

In Canada, communities across our land recognize November 11th to commemorate the ones who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom and peace. God bless them all.

However, few know that the entire month of November is dedicated to recognizing another type of hero: family caregivers

We can celebrate the wonderful caregivers in the world every month, but someone decided November was Family Caregivers Month. So let’s do it!

For me that means not just caregivers related to loved ones , but caregivers who are professionals, who care for our loved ones…they become part of the family fairly fast! ALL those who care for others deserve recognition…the more often the better!

Make a list. Have some ideas in mind that you can do for a caregiver when the opportunity arises. How are some ways you can help caregivers?

Happy Family Caregivers Month…November.

bear and books

November-Caregivers Month (c) 2020 Judith Allen Shone, caregiver

Share a caregiving experience or leave a note here. Thank you. 🌷

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