To Encourage One Another

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I am sooooo glad you are here!
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A CAREGIVER is anyone who helps carry the burdens for those who can no longer manage on their own.

THE INTENTION and HOPE of this site:

…to encourage one another;
…to help others understand the caregiving life of caregivers of those with memory loss;
…to connect with the hearts and minds of caregivers walking an unfamiliar path;
…to be support for caregivers managing their own life while caring for another;
…to remind caregivers they must reach out so others know they need help, so no one feels alone.

Comment from a blog visitor:
“I am drawn to Judith’s telling of her caregiving experiences because of the touching sincerity of her words…!”
~ Barbara. G. Matthews, blogger on What to Do about Mama?

…you don’t really realize you need this information until you are in the middle of your journey. And when you finally do grasp that you are desperate for information, for support, for someone to talk to, you are then deep into exhaustion from all that is required of you and all that has swamped you. Your anxieties increase as you wonder how you’ll find the time to learn.

It is unbelievable how fast that happens!

We are not trying to outdo each other – no one is a better or worse caregiver. Caregivers are doing their best at any one moment to meet their own unique, monumental challenges.

…and with support, we can improve our skills to assist loved ones, while using our own special gifts in our formerly unimaginable roles.

Caregiving works best when we encourage each other. After all, we are our own best teachers! My hope is that caregivers can reassure and support one another in whatever ways feel best at the moment.

And so, where and when possible, take time to glance at the menu titles at the top of the page to know what is here and how it could be helpful. Caregiver tips is a ‘go to’ page for many.

Is this site for you?

Q: Are you an informal, unpaid caregiver, a family member? a spouse? partner? friend or neighbour? or caregiver support?

Q: Are you a professional caregiver, or trained in the field of caring for others ?

Q: Is your loved one’s need for care related to memory loss?

Q: Do you want to learn more about the world of caregiving from those who have lived it, the caregiver’s point of view?

A: If yes, then this caregiver-focused site, with caregiver written stories, articles and guest authors, is especially for you.

Bookmark this site
in your browser, in your caregiving file.

Do you love reading similar comments that warm your heart and make you feel good?
That is what learning from other caregivers can do for you, and caregivers, too!
Caregivers are our best teachers!

Learning from other caregivers makes caregiving interactions easier.

Sometimes your caregiver stories find their way into my life at just the moments I need them.” ~ Carla S., caregiver, blog visitor

“I am wanting to encourage and be a support for our caregivers and your site is a heaven sent tool. Thank you” ~ Bea R., blog visitor working in senior homecare

One of the most important things we can do for all caregivers, as well as for ourselves,
is to let them know they are not alone.


Since becoming a caregiver, I have learned that caregivers:

– display the bravery of gladiators;
– possess the natural ability of geniuses;
– draw upon the wisdom of sages;
– borrow magic from wizards;
– hold hands with angels;
– confirm the selflessness of parents;
– are gifted with shoulders of Atlas;
– and are so busy caring for their loved one that they don’t realize they, and all caregivers, are
God’s treasures in the universe.

During my care partner years, I have witnessed that caregivers:

carry on caring when health systems end;
grow in capability to support and comfort their loved one;
learn from other caregivers who share information so carers do not feel alone;
step into a loved ones’ shoes as they become, hands, arms, legs, and eyes and mind for the loved one,
cope with and survive their own afflictions as well as those of their loved one;
become creative to maintain their family lives when they are forever altered.

Regardless if they have the title caregiver, care partner, care-coordinator, carer, care-taker, nanny, or nurse…among many names that could be chosen… as God’s treasures they share a part of their life, unselfishly, to make the life of another better, or at least, more comfortable.

Caregivers…..make time to smile, because when anyone smiles, they cannot frown!!😊

————————————————-Judy 🤗

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Stories break through into the heart space.”
Walking Each Other Home, by
Ram Dass & Mirabai Bush


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The author and
her loved one

I invite you to walk with me and my guest authors who reveal joys and sorrows from their personal caregiving experiences.

On this site, we all share in the hopes that you will find something new and meaningful that you can take away to use or share on your journey.

I hope we can provide the help I wish I had found in my earlier caregiving years. Now, nearly ten years later, there is much more information out there waiting to be discovered...take time to browse.

Although we may never meet in person, I still hope you will let these words shine a light on your path.
Do not feel alone contact me !

💖 We look forward to seeing you walking beside us💖

Call one of these Ontario groups for assistance…or one similar in your area.

Check out the Alzheimer Society … call 1-888-343-1017 for personal guidance – visit online programs

Check out ACCLAIM HEALTH … Call 1-800-387-7127 for a variety of programs, including Alzheimer’s information and Patty’s Place Dementia Care Centre and JIM’s Suites, available for stays of up to two weeks for people living with dementia.

Check out Lifemark’s Community Outreach Program – funded by MH,SE and HNHB LHIN/VON – Call 1-877-696-1620 – ask about their Weekly Resources and, currently in conjunction with Acclaim Health and the LHIN, online interactive exercise videos, Zoom classes, and audio/teleconference classes and their Falls Prevention program.

…these organizations, or others like them across Canada, or in your area of the world,
want to help you……caregivers, loved ones and those who provide support!!

Share these links with those you think might benefit, who are overwhelmed looking for guidance on their caregiver journey. You will become part of their chain of care.


You can be the one who responds to a caregiver’s plea, to help a caregiver who may….or may not…reach out for encouragement, your support, or your friendship.

You will know the one!!
No need to wait, just share the link.


We know from childhood that we learn from stories. We know we tell our stories to help others understand us and our lives, but more often, their lives.

In that same way, I hope our stories will:
1. help broaden the knowledge base for a caregiver’s toolbox, and
2. help guide those who, by choice, support them.

The authors of these stories include caregivers who stepped up to, or fell into, the role of caring for loved ones with memory loss. Those who care—family members, friends, professional or untrained—who encourage and support caregivers.

For caregivers, the phrase, “reading is seeing by proxy,” spoken in the late 1800s by philosopher, Herbert Spencer, reminds us that we cannot learn everything by doing it ourselves, so it is helpful when we learn from others.

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a video moderated by Alzheimer Society Hamilton Halton and produced by Halton Hills Public Library
“A Conversation for Caregivers with Judy Shone”

“This is soooooo worth the listen! Totally “my story” thank you “
~ Linda Stock, Facebook comment.

Also, read the Oakville Beaver/InsideHalton press release about the video.

Put your arms around your shoulders and squeeze…that’s a bear hug from me. -jas

Annie B and Archie Bear are the source of bears and bear hugs associated with these books seen on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

When you see a bear, feel the hugs from Annie B and Archie and me!! 💕
Judith Allen Shone

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving
…not just the name of a blogsite and is not just the name of the book series of my journey. Acceptance is a process that many caregivers go through by the caring experiences we live, from the desperation, and sometimes even the despondency, we feel until we reach awareness, insight and understanding and eventually acceptance. It is not an easy journey.

My purpose in writing Accepting the Gift of Caregiving blogsite and books is to be support and encouragement as caregivers make their way from that desperation to acceptance, from anxieties to courage.

Do something each day to make others smile and your heart sing.

See what’s here on the ABOUT page

I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.

Charles de Lint

DO YOU UNDERSTAND the caregiver’s life?
Do you yearn to feel encouragement and support?
Those who do, will resonate with the shared experiences, both here and in the two books.

Where Caregivers are Encouraging One Another”, December 18, 2019 © Judith Allen Shone, updated regularly

“Accepting the Gift of Caregiving” blog Copyright © 2019 Judith Allen Shone

Accepting the Gift of Caregiving


Is There Any Ice Cream?

Did You Hide The Cookies?

A REMINDER before you go, these stories are copyrighted with all rights reserved. If you choose to copy any words from this site, for education purposes, for your school project, for sharing with other caregivers, for inclusion in a speech, please, please honor the rights of authors, as you wish to be honored and include the author’s name, mine or the guest, the article name and the date, the name and link of this blog. THANK YOU.


All illustrations for book cover, the lilacs, and the illustrations for the Caregiver Feels, Caregiver Tips and Sharing Our Knowledge lead images were co-created and adapted from artwork from talented artist, ©Tatiana Mitrushova, with license from her site, @MitrushovaArt on Etsy. The cone of the book cover original by Jiri Hera, with license from

A Canadian artist Luciana Silva from Pixabay has created many lovely watercolour flowers shown on Caregiver Tips and other pages on this site. Click on link lucianapappdesign to see her artwork..

Many of the graphic images in this site are from and We are grateful to the creators, photographers, illustrators and artists for permission to use them.

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Children reading
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Alzheimer Society at Home
Online Workshops and Activities

Call for more information…they are the nicest folks and want to help!!
In Halton area of Ontario, phone the Alzheimer Society:
Halton 289-837-2310
Hamilton 905-529-7030

Directly from their website.

Alzheimer Society Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton website
See also Related Links & Resources for more office locations


Click for their home page

How We Can Help

“We can help support you and your loved ones’ physical and mental well-being through independent living, reduced social isolation, innovative dementia care, end of life care and bereavement support.”

“We are Halton’s most trusted home care provider – and have been for over 85 years. As a charity, our focus is caring for you, and we continually re-invest in programs that will help even more people in our community.

Our full spectrum of programs support physical and mental well-being through independent living, reduced social isolation, innovative dementia care, end of life care and bereavement support.” 

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  2. Thank you for visiting our stories, Donna. Your expertise is a value to the world of caregivers. I hope you will consider sharing a short story here. 🙂


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