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Quintessential Caregiver Support

August 05, 2020 ~ by jas

Such a big word, quintessential!

But why wouldn’t we reach to learn about the ‘perfect embodiment of caregiving support.’ That is what quintessential means: the pure essence of . . .

Caregivers encompass a huge portion of those nurturing humanity. We will limit our brief discussion to the possibly 50 million humans who are caregivers for those with memory loss.

Caregiver Tips

July 06, 2020 ~ jas and contributors
Thank you for contributing your tips to the caregiver toolbox!

The foundation of caregiver knowledge comes from caregivers – sharing tips, coping mechanisms and strategies, which they have learned during their journey caring for another with memory loss.

Sharing Our Knowledge

July 08, 2020 ~jas

One thing most caregivers have learned is that we need as much reassurance as we can get! 🙂 We recognize that support, encouragement, insights and tips learned from others provide the confidence to sustain us all through our journeys.

Conversation Blackout

June 15, 2020 ~ jas

“Where’s … weren’t … I can get.” I hear coming from My Love.

I have no clue, physical, visual, mental or emotional, that he is trying to ask me, that he wants to know, where he is going to sleep tonight. A question of concern almost every day now, so I know if it is yet to be brought up, those could be the words he is trying to find, to speak

Alzheimer’s RSS Reading Options

June 05, 2020 ~ Compiled by jas

THIS PAGE OFFERS current article titles on Alzheimer’s disease as links to those articles.

Articles on the list change to the most current that those sites have posted. Each site updates their list when new posts are added; some add daily.

Respite Ideas

May 30, 2020 ~ jas

“I’m exhausted! Time for a break!” I have said those words many times after days and months of frustration. I know I am not the only one who has felt that way.


May 12, 2020 ~ jas

During COVID-19, as in any other stressful time, it is important to ask for help, reach out for support…… for any reason…any time – do not wait, do not be deterred.
Ask local people about resources from your local area.