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Anxiety Over Anxiety

November 14, 2019 by jas

Caregiving can be difficult, whether you

  1. are a caregiver,
  2.  know a caregiver,
  3. have a caregiver in your family,
  4. work with a caregiver, or
  5. in some unique service, provide care or support to a caregiver…

…you probably recognize that caregiving can be a confusing, and stressful position to be in.

Often, energy seems to evaporate, and, in my case, I just feel ‘used up.’

Night Visitors

November 3, 2019 ~ jas

“Where did they go?” I hear coming from the living room.

Stepping from the kitchen to confirm whom My Love was talking about, I asked him, “Who? Where did who go?”

“They were just here. The two that were over there,” he tells me, pointing toward our entry hall. “They just stood and looked at me.”

Where Do the Missing Words Go?

October 14, 2019 ~ jas

Caregivers have no warning what is coming next. We can get basic education from an Alzheimer Society, but a four-day course did not make me a ‘trained’ caregiver.

My best teacher has been our, so far, eight years of experiences. I share those here. Through this writing, I share what might be found in the books, “Is There Any Ice Cream?” or Part Two to come, “Did You Hide the Cookies?” – stories of My Love and me.

Inspired by a Stranger

August 18, 2019 ~ jas

“Oh, I suppose I will have to be a caregiver, but I don’t want to do it.” The young lady sitting across from me was responding to my explanation of how my life had been for the last seven years. We had just met in the lineup getting our coffees and were now sitting in a booth at the coffee shop.

Although I couldn’t stay long, she had asked me to sit with her as we finished our discussion. My new acquaintance seemed to want to talk to someone about dementia…or maybe she wanted to talk about not wanting to face it, I wasn’t quite sure.

Beginning Life as a Caregiver

August 10, 2019 ~ Carol Craig, Guest Author

. . . . I am pleased to introduce guest author and caregiver, Carol Craig, who shares her story, hoping others will feel a bit more familiar with their role.

Ever since we got the diagnosis that my husband had mixed dementia -vascular and memory loss – two sayings my Mom always reminded me of was “God never gives you more than you can handle” and “there is always someone worse off than you are.”  I also have a saying I use myself and that is “take one day at a time.” It is not always easy but for me it helps.

We Are All Caregivers

June 28, 2019 ~ Joule, Guest Author

I am sure Joule and I connected because we both have come to understand that our role as caregiver is a treasure, a gift of experience, that each one of us on this planet gives to another out of love. She taught me that we are here to walk beside others, encouraging them to do what they can, as long as they can. Grateful for this angel.

Where do I begin? My job is like a blank canvas, you just never know what you’re going to get. Of course, every patient is different, with different issues, therefore you must be ready for the challenges.

A Caregiver Feels

“What is it like to be a caregiver?”

When our group of caregivers wished we had had helpful ways to explain the chaos of our situations, I created this little “I need you to know” graphic description, a picture of caregiving as it feels to me.

This visual has helped bring understanding into the conversations of families and friends where at first it was difficult to bring up the topic or to discuss it at all.