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February 11, 2020 ~ jas

Visit sites dedicated to these books: and  CAREGIVER CHALLENGES 

In a world where millions are taking on this role, accompany My Love and me on our journey. Become acquainted with one caregiver’s life.


Simply Quotes

February 10, 2020 ~ jas

Words to resonate.

On days you feel a need for encouragement, for reassurance, or for inspiration, turn to words of others. Let them rekindle your spirit.

“Each day do something to make others smile and your heart sing!” ~Judith Allen Shone (my motto for years!)

Musical Moments

January 09, 2020 ~ Compiled by jas

This page will never be quite finished!! Who knows what beautiful, meaningful music is calling me to post here? 🥰

To engage our minds, to associate with the musical connections... choose your mood. 💛💙🎵💙💛

Spend some time listening to music or singing along with music that still makes our life happy!  The choices are because every day we feel a in a mood for different music.

Alzheimer Society Connections

January 07, 2020 ~ jas

Caregivers care for those with many varied diseases.

While memory loss from dementia is the focus of this site, Alzheimer’s disease is the main theme.

My Love is now 81 years of age. In the last eight year he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, anxiety attacks, COPD and osteoarthritis. He has been declared ‘in remission’ from colon cancer for over one year.

Beautiful Christmas

December 19, 2019 ~ jas

The local Santa Claus Parade always shifts my mind from the brown, yellow and red leaves of autumn to the snow white covered red holly berries and green mistletoe of Christmas.

I have lived in Canada thirty-six years and no longer associate turkeys and football games with the Santa procession. For me, the parade launches the winter holidays.

Art and Music as Brief Intervention

December 13, 2019 ~ jas

“I did those paintings, the ones framed on the wall,” My Love would tell anyone who came to our home long enough to be in the living room. “And those on the other wall, too,” he added, pointing proudly to another grouping of his artwork.

I loved them. I held the memory from when My Love painted each one. I had been there. I framed them for him and for me.

My Caregiver Nudge

December 10, 2019 ~ jas

Many caregivers need a nudge, or a helping hand. Find ways to reach out to help them…

…help them blossom and grow. You might even encourage them with the link to this blog!

I was encouraged to “keep going” by three of our doctors and one receptionist when I mentioned I was moving ahead with flooding the world with words, two books and a blog, to help others understand the caregiving world.