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Falls Prevention

May 06, 2020 ~ jas

Falls are a riskespecially for seniors. As caregivers, the risks are higher. What if we become injured and can no longer care for our loved one?

For our own safety and wellbeing caregivers are told we must focus on being prepared…for just about anything…but especially so we can prevent falling. While the primary focus has been on a regular physical exercise program to help us avert falls or injury, there are other areas of our daily life equally as important to consider to make our home safer.

Audio Previews

April 25, 2020 ~ jas

Find a seat. Get comfortable. Bring your coffee or cup of tea. ☕ Allow me to read to you, in my own voice, which now shows signs of aging.

Hearing me read snippets of our stories will help you feel part of our journey when you read the pages of the books. 

When Am I?

April 16, 2020 ~ Robby Henes, Guest Author

It is a pleasure to introduce, and welcome, caregiver, Robby Henes, our newest Guest Author. . . .

It is hard to conceive what it must be like to lose all the tethers that hold you to the life you have lived. To lose the people you have loved, the acts, the skills and the experiences that define you and even the physical act of just existing and growing up and aging. To lose all these pieces that define you to yourself and to the world around you. All these pieces still exist but when you have dementia, you don’t get to keep these tethers, these intrinsic, vital pieces of yourself.

Caregiver Exercises

April 04, 2020 ~ Compiled by jas

We all know we need to be flexible and mobile for life ahead!  Here we can create and continue a healthy habit!

Please, DO NOT EXERCISE if you feel painIMPORTANT: Be sure your loved one is in a safe place while you exercise..

Below find a choice of exercise programs. Work at your pace!  Try them all. Videos are nearly +/- 30 minutes.  

14 Helpful Tips for the Long Distance Caregiver

March 31, 2020 ~ Marianne Sciucco, Guest Author

I am honored to introduce Guest Author, Marianne Sciucco, a co-founder of . . .

The Phone Call
I got the news in a voice mail from my brother: “Mom’s been in a car accident. Call Linda.”

Linda, my cousin, was my mother’s “other daughter.” The two were more like lifelong girlfriends than aunt and niece. She’d dropped everything and rushed to the hospital the minute she got the call from the Emergency Room nurse. Mom had given the nurse her phone number because she was closest in proximity and able to leave her job.

Healing, Going Forward From Grief

March 18, 2020 ~ Jean Lee, Guest Author

As an author writing about caregiving for those with Alzheimer’s, I am thrilled to present one of the co-founding members of the AlzAuthors group, Jean Lee.

Although my time as an Alzheimer’s caregiver is over, the disease still colors each of my days. I worked full time as an elementary school teacher, when I became the primary caregiver and decision maker for both my parents who were diagnosed on the same day in 2006. They declined, hand in hand.

Just Love, With No Place to Go

February 14, 2020 ~ jas

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

It seems appropriate that I share new-found words about LOVE on this day.

Through the years of caring for one with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, the phenomenon of AMBIGUOUS LOSS stepped in many times. Piece by piece those things that meant something vanished, not on any schedule, not related to any stage of disease. But those memories are gone, never to return.